Whole 30 Complete!!

To say these 30 days flew by is an understatement! I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t marked my calendar I wouldn’t have even realized the month was up. Yes, there were times I wanted to drink with friends or endulge at dinner with them, but for the most part this was easy. I feel healthier, my skin is better, going to the bathroom is great (sorry TMI) and I just feel proud of myself. In terms of energy, I’m not sure it’s sky-rocketed like others have said and in terms of weight I’m not sure I lost any. I’ve yet to weigh myself (you can’t in the 30 days) and while my clothes feel the same, someone who I saw yesterday and I hadn’t seen since Day 1 said she immediately noticed a difference, especially in my face. So there’s that! Along the way I made some great meals and cooked a ton! Overall, I’ve decided to stick with the program and allow myself treats when I want. When I go to Vermont I will most definitely enjoy cheese from the farmer’s market. When I want to have a glass of wine with friends I’ll do so. But ideally I think this diet is what’s best for me and my body. Here are some pictures!

Day 1 Middle of Whole 30 IMG_3957

Day 1, mid-Whole 30 and Day 30 of ugly closeups. But you get the point.

Some meals I’ve cooked recently include turkey meat sauce, zoodles, salmon and roasted veggies. And even when I went out to din I could have oysters, steak and brussel sprouts!

IMG_3888 IMG_3909 IMG_3930 IMG_3947 IMG_3961

So who’s going to start Whole 30?!



Whole 30 Days 11-18

Well it’s been a week since my last post! I’ve been crazy busy and while I haven’t cooked anything new, fun or exciting, I’ve been sticking with the plan. I have to say, I’ve never eaten so healthfully on a business trip before. I was in Atlanta for a couple of days and while it was tempting to break Whole30, it was never even a thought that I actually would. What saved me were Lara Bars. I was on a TV set all day for 2 days so those came in handy. Ordering room service was another tough one so I had to be boring and just get salad and fruit. But regardless, I’m hanging in there and still going strong. My one worry is that I haven’t been as adamant with waiters when ordering out (saying no butter at all, etc) but at least nothing has gotten into my diet deliberately on my end. And this all while I had a business trip, went to the MTV VMAs and was with friends who were day-drinking. (I stuck to seltzer.) Whatever happens at the end of the 30 days I have to at least be proud of that, right?


Whole 30 Days 8-10

These 30 days are flying! As far as meals go, I’ve eaten my coconut shrimp and chili leftovers (a lot) and also made cauliflower soup! Yep, I’m super gourmet apparently. I got the recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/

It came out pretty good and it’s something I’d make again. Image

The last two nights (Tues/Wed) I’ve gone to bed super early, like 8pm. Not sure it’s out of boredom or because I really am that tired. Also had a headache. Apparently yesterday and today are the hardest, but doesn’t feel that awful.

In terms of my health, I’m super interested to see how being on Whole30 affects it. I just got results back from a physical I had right when I started that showed I had high cholesterol (annoying because I eat so healthy and workout) and low iron. Hoping when I go back and hopefully still living Whole30, my cholesterol is at a more normal level.



Whole 30 Days 5-7

I made it to my second week! I have to admit it hasn’t been that tough. Day 5 (Friday) I had the same breakfast/lunch I’d been having all week. After work I had my trainer (It feels great to be back and sweating!), but by the end I was starving. I ran into Whole Foods and grabbed some roasted turkey breast with a side of carrots and steamed veggies. Now that I’m so cautious of labels it’s truly amazing how hard it to is to find real whole foods with little added ingredients. Makes you wonder about a ton of foods you’ve always eaten, even ones you thought were healthy.

Day 6 I made an omelet with tomato and avocado. That night was my first eating out experience and because it was with my parents who were in town, we tried to pick somewhere I’d have an easier time: Outback! I’m not one for chain restaurants but we were in Jers and I knew I could get a steak. I just made sure to ask them to not cook it in butter. I’ve become that girl. The one thing I need to watch is my raw cashew intake. It’s funny because the book warns that you can still have that addictive effect when it comes to nuts and that’s the one food that I find myself over-snacking on.

Day 7 I also had my first eating out breakfast experience. What’s funny is we picked a place with a ton of Vegan, GF options yet when I asked for an omelet with just avocado and tomato the waiter said I couldn’t make up my own item. I then said I couldn’t have anything on the menu and so he said it was fine. You just gotta be strong, peeps! So I had mine with a side of chicken apple sausage (their menu says they don’t use nitrates etc so I knew it was as safe as I could findImage).
After grocery shopping with a friend (and a nap and Scandal marathoning), it was time to cook some new recipes. First up was this chili from the Whole30 forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/10240-my-super-easy-chili-recipe/

I actually haven’t tasted it yet, but I brought it in for lunch. I’ve never actually made beef chili (always have done turkey chili) and this was the first time I got the real chili-like consistency. I used organic grass-fed beef from Trader’s and a crushed tomato from WF that had nothing added in it:

I also attempted coconut shrimp! I used shrimp from TJ’s that I defrosted, dipped them in egg white and then shredded coconut (which I couldn’t find at TJ’s so got them at WF’s) and then fried them in coconut oil. They came out good, but could use more flavor next time. Maybe more spices? Not sure since I clearly can’t sweeten up the coconut.

I have to say the one major difference I’ve noticed so far is my skin. Whether or not it’s a coincidence, it hasn’t been this clear in a long time! It’s hard to tell from photos, but here’s an obnoxiously not attractive look at my face:




Whole 30 Day 4

So yesterday’s salad that I was SO excited about? Turns out it was a no-no. Chop’t’s website made it sound like the balsamic vinaigrette dressing only had balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard, but when I was in the store on Thursday I asked for the ingredients and sadly there is canola oil and agave syrup as well. So I messed up, but it wasn’t on purpose and I don’t see it as a set-back. Just gotta be more careful!

I had my usual breakfast on Day 4, followed by the salad (with just EVOO/Balsamic V) for lunch and some carrots with a packet of Justin’s Almond butter for a snack. I did, around 10:30, have that “I want to crawl under my desk and sleep” feeling. I guess this is the nap phase they talk about for Days 6 and 7. But the rest of the day, after eating lunch, was fine and I even went back to my trainer for my first session in almost a month.

For dinner I had a sweet potato and a piece of my chicken/leek/onion mix I cooked on Tuesday. Wasn’t terrible, but not my favorite as suspected. Raw cashews are becoming my favorite thing, which I need to be careful about. I don’t want to binge snack on something regardless if I can have it on Whole 30. I also had some organic raisins and called it a night. I’ve been going to be on the early side, even for me, and waking up before my alarm in the morning. I’m definitely not bouncing out of bed with energy, but that’s not expected to happen for a bit.

With the weekend coming up it should be another big test in my will power!


Whole 30 Day 3

Day 3 was interesting. I’m still having my intense neck pain which is super annoying but other than that I feel great. Definitely no “hangover” phase just yet. For lunch I treated myself knowing it would be a long day and got a salad from Chopt with avocado, beets, tomato and grilled chicken. Their balsamic dressing, which I’ve always avoided due to calories, only has balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard, so I was able to have that as well. Yum!! I also had my first “temptations.” My office was sent Insomnia Cookies (sweet crack for those of you who’ve never had them) but I didn’t even flinch! Next up I was going with my friend for a drink in between two events we had. I had seltzer and because there was nothing I could have on the menu while she ate her app I pulled out my avocado. Yep, I was that girl. But whatevs! Between that and cashews I was totally fine until I got home at close to 11. Shocking since that’s way past my bedtime and I’m usually starving by then. So all in all, not bad!
Yep, I’m classy:


Whole 30 Day 2

Day 2 was pretty similar food-wise to my first day on Whole 30. Had 3 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast along with some fruit salad, had half an avocado as a snack before a doctor’s appointment and had salad, the rest of the avocado and half of a sweet potato when I returned around 2. Unrelated to my diet, I had crazy pain Monday night into Tuesday in my neck which made it really hard to sleep. Since I have so many ridiculous ailments on any given day, I have a feeling it’ll be hard to know what’s related to what I’m eating, but I’ve had this pain before and so I know it’s not a side effect. On the other hand, I came home around 5:30 ready to cook dinner and immediately had a drop in blood sugar. I was sweaty and shaky so I housed some leftovers and layed on my bed until I felt better. Not sure if this is a sugar, carb detox effect or just a coincidence because I needed some food in me.

When I was feeling better I started to cook some dinner that I could have for the latter part of the week. I decided to make up a dish based on some things I had on hand, which probably was my first clue to stop right there. I had chicken breasts that I defrosted but note to self, yet again, I’m really not a fan of chicken when I cook it. Especially if I don’t fancy it up. Nonetheless I did it anyway and I’m pretty sure I won’t eat any of it this week. I used ghee (for the first time!) and browned the chicken and then put them to the side. Then in the same pan I sauteed onion, garlic and leeks I had bought frozen from Trader Joe’s. I then added yellow pepper and put the chicken back.

I also fell asleep at 8. Not sure if it’s because I couldn’t sleep the night before or because it’s how I’m supposed to feel according to this timeline: http://whole9life.com/2012/06/the-whole30-timeline/

Onto Day 3 and feeling good though. Have two events after work which makes me a bit nervous since I don’t know when I’m eating, but we shall see!