Whole 30 Days 5-7

I made it to my second week! I have to admit it hasn’t been that tough. Day 5 (Friday) I had the same breakfast/lunch I’d been having all week. After work I had my trainer (It feels great to be back and sweating!), but by the end I was starving. I ran into Whole Foods and grabbed some roasted turkey breast with a side of carrots and steamed veggies. Now that I’m so cautious of labels it’s truly amazing how hard it to is to find real whole foods with little added ingredients. Makes you wonder about a ton of foods you’ve always eaten, even ones you thought were healthy.

Day 6 I made an omelet with tomato and avocado. That night was my first eating out experience and because it was with my parents who were in town, we tried to pick somewhere I’d have an easier time: Outback! I’m not one for chain restaurants but we were in Jers and I knew I could get a steak. I just made sure to ask them to not cook it in butter. I’ve become that girl. The one thing I need to watch is my raw cashew intake. It’s funny because the book warns that you can still have that addictive effect when it comes to nuts and that’s the one food that I find myself over-snacking on.

Day 7 I also had my first eating out breakfast experience. What’s funny is we picked a place with a ton of Vegan, GF options yet when I asked for an omelet with just avocado and tomato the waiter said I couldn’t make up my own item. I then said I couldn’t have anything on the menu and so he said it was fine. You just gotta be strong, peeps! So I had mine with a side of chicken apple sausage (their menu says they don’t use nitrates etc so I knew it was as safe as I could findImage).
After grocery shopping with a friend (and a nap and Scandal marathoning), it was time to cook some new recipes. First up was this chili from the Whole30 forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/10240-my-super-easy-chili-recipe/

I actually haven’t tasted it yet, but I brought it in for lunch. I’ve never actually made beef chili (always have done turkey chili) and this was the first time I got the real chili-like consistency. I used organic grass-fed beef from Trader’s and a crushed tomato from WF that had nothing added in it:

I also attempted coconut shrimp! I used shrimp from TJ’s that I defrosted, dipped them in egg white and then shredded coconut (which I couldn’t find at TJ’s so got them at WF’s) and then fried them in coconut oil. They came out good, but could use more flavor next time. Maybe more spices? Not sure since I clearly can’t sweeten up the coconut.

I have to say the one major difference I’ve noticed so far is my skin. Whether or not it’s a coincidence, it hasn’t been this clear in a long time! It’s hard to tell from photos, but here’s an obnoxiously not attractive look at my face:




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