Whole 30 Days 11-18

Well it’s been a week since my last post! I’ve been crazy busy and while I haven’t cooked anything new, fun or exciting, I’ve been sticking with the plan. I have to say, I’ve never eaten so healthfully on a business trip before. I was in Atlanta for a couple of days and while it was tempting to break Whole30, it was never even a thought that I actually would. What saved me were Lara Bars. I was on a TV set all day for 2 days so those came in handy. Ordering room service was another tough one so I had to be boring and just get salad and fruit. But regardless, I’m hanging in there and still going strong. My one worry is that I haven’t been as adamant with waiters when ordering out (saying no butter at all, etc) but at least nothing has gotten into my diet deliberately on my end. And this all while I had a business trip, went to the MTV VMAs and was with friends who were day-drinking. (I stuck to seltzer.) Whatever happens at the end of the 30 days I have to at least be proud of that, right?


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