Whole 30 Complete!!

To say these 30 days flew by is an understatement! I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t marked my calendar I wouldn’t have even realized the month was up. Yes, there were times I wanted to drink with friends or endulge at dinner with them, but for the most part this was easy. I feel healthier, my skin is better, going to the bathroom is great (sorry TMI) and I just feel proud of myself. In terms of energy, I’m not sure it’s sky-rocketed like others have said and in terms of weight I’m not sure I lost any. I’ve yet to weigh myself (you can’t in the 30 days) and while my clothes feel the same, someone who I saw yesterday and I hadn’t seen since Day 1 said she immediately noticed a difference, especially in my face. So there’s that! Along the way I made some great meals and cooked a ton! Overall, I’ve decided to stick with the program and allow myself treats when I want. When I go to Vermont I will most definitely enjoy cheese from the farmer’s market. When I want to have a glass of wine with friends I’ll do so. But ideally I think this diet is what’s best for me and my body. Here are some pictures!

Day 1 Middle of Whole 30 IMG_3957

Day 1, mid-Whole 30 and Day 30 of ugly closeups. But you get the point.

Some meals I’ve cooked recently include turkey meat sauce, zoodles, salmon and roasted veggies. And even when I went out to din I could have oysters, steak and brussel sprouts!

IMG_3888 IMG_3909 IMG_3930 IMG_3947 IMG_3961

So who’s going to start Whole 30?!



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