Day 1 of Whole 30!

Hi! Well it’s been a long while since my last blog, but when I decided to try Whole 30 I thought it would be great to keep a journal of my experience. Why try this now? Well anyone who knows me knows I’ve tried a million different diets, I love to work out and yet I still suffer from many things like chronically being exhausted, having trouble with weight loss, food allergies and skin flare-ups to name a few.

I’ve had a particularly tough month where working out and eating well fell to the wayside due to my grandmother passing away and then a 12-day work trip. So now I’m ready to really give this plan a shot. What exactly is it? You can read in depth about it here: The gist is that I’m eliminating dairy (except eggs), sugar, wheat, grains, legumes and I’m sure a bunch other things. What can I eat? Lots of healthy meats (which is new to this semi-veg), fish, fruit, eggs and veggies. And yes I can have coffee! Just black.

The night prior to starting I did a bunch of prep. I grocery shopped ’til I dropped and then prepared zucchini noodles, meatballs and sauce. I cannot find the recipe but once I do, I’ll post it! Zucchini noodles I just made by julienne-ing them with a julienne peeler. Throwing salt on them in a colander for a half hour to get the water out, squeezing water out and then throwing them in my sauce. I also made hard-boiled eggs for the week, a sweet potato to bring half to work today and prepared a side salad. It’s all about planning which I hope to keep up! Oh and I made a fruit salad for breakfast.

Prepping dinner


Here’s how I felt:
Black iced coffee- not bad!
Breakfast- ate slowly since I was busy at work and it was yum
Around 11:30- noticed I had a headache and a weird pain in left side. (Who knows if it’s related.) Ate my salad of lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper and balsamic vinegar.
Lunch- Around 2 I had half of a sweet potato and was starving so I had my avocado. Feeling OK but still have a headache.
5:30- Was tired (as per usual) and hungry (sounds about right) and couldn’t wait to eat dinner. Everything was so yummy especially the zucchini noodles. These will definitely be a staple for me.

As for a snack I had some raw, unsalted cashews and La Croix Lemon-flavored seltzer from Whole Foods. All in all not a bad first day!